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8 Things to Look for in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

Posted by Shawn Sauve / calender-icon Jan 7, 2021

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Microsoft Dynamics365 Partner

When you first begin the search for an ERP solution, it is easy to assume that choosing the right software is the hardest decision you will make.

However, that is not the case with Microsoft. Rather, choosing Microsoft ERP solutions is the wisest choice you can make for your business.

For several years, Microsoft Dynamics has been the industry pioneer for ERP, CRM, and sales solutions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the platform of choice for all senior-level executives (IT Directors and CFOs) responsible for choosing a trustworthy IT system due to its rich set of features, seamless integration with other applications, and a unified user experience. Microsoft Dynamics 365 nearly sells itself.
With that being said, one might think that choosing a Microsoft Dynamics service provider is relatively unimportant. But really, that decision should take center stage.

Choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner is critical to the success of the project and has a substantial impact on the rollout. While the end game is the same, the implementation approach and support provided by different partners varies quite a lot. Therefore, the right partner can make or break your project.

The right Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner will ensure that your project stays on track, on budget, and includes the key parameters to help you accomplish your business goals. The right partner will play a pivotal role in moving your business towards operational excellence and will help you leverage the benefits of comprehensive training, seamless execution, and exceptional support.

Here’s a handy checklist of the factors that you must evaluate when choosing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner:

Partner Competency

Microsoft partners are categorized by the level of their competency in the Microsoft Certification Program. Microsoft distinguishes partners into three categories- Gold, Silver, and Member. This segmentation is determined by the number and size of deals successfully implemented by the service providers annually.

Partner Competency

When selecting a partner, make sure their competencies match your requirements. Your solution must be a priority for their business.

Industry Experience

Evaluating the expertise of a partner in your industry should be an essential consideration in the decision-making process. Finding a partner with experience in your particular industry facilities effective and rapid implementation.

Search for a partner that is willing to take out the time to understand your unique pain points, your specific requirements, and the industry as a whole. Ask for client testimonials and references particularly from businesses that are similar to yours. When a partner enjoys a long-term association with satisfied customers, it is often a sign of high-quality service.

Track record for Project Implementations

The number of projects successfully deployed by a Microsoft Dynamics service provider is an indicator of the competency of the partner organization. Ask your service provider to share relevant information about statistics and figures that demonstrate their project success rates. Try to measure the scale and scope of the projects undertaken by your partner.

If your enterprise is multi-country, it would be highly beneficial to have a partner with the experience of developing global models, dealing with multi-country localizations, and doing multi-country rollouts.

Open Communication and Transparency

Open communication is the key to success in any partnership. Prompt responsiveness and clarity are essential aspects of a successful implementation process. All stakeholders need to be transparent about project deadlines and expected outcomes.

You don’t want a partner who does not involve you and leaves you in the dark. Neither would you want one that hesitates, waiting for your approval at every point. If you want to be hands-on or delegate the entire process, choose a partner who will help you in a way that best meets your business needs.

Deep Understanding of the Ecosystem and Platform Integrations

Although Dynamics 365 provides rich CRM and ERP functionality, these applications need to be integrated with other upward and downward IT systems. A service provider that has in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem and the capabilities of each of those platform components will be able to better direct and deploy the right solutions in place.

Support Structure

Implementation is just the start. Will your partner provide users with training, before, during, and after deployment? Do they provide ongoing support and process optimization to ensure that the software stays efficient? These are some critical questions that you must ask when selecting a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution provider.

For any enterprise application, post-go-live support is crucial. The majority of ERP and CRM solutions need continuous support for upgrades, bug-fixing, user training, etc. Make sure you spend time to understand the tools and processes that your service provider will use to provide you ongoing support. Many partners may not have a ticketing tool, or may only provide support during limited hours. Consider your needs, and then evaluate whether your service provider is prepared to meet your unique requirements.

Quick and Easy Scalability

Can your service provider scale your Dynamics system to accommodate any increase in business growth? Will your partner have a scalable and forward-thinking approach that can respond to your changing business needs? These are some important questions to ask because you will require a software solution that will work effectively in the present and the future.


There are many reasons to choose a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner. When you find a service provider that checks all of these boxes, you have tipped the scales in favor of a positive partnership. With the right Microsoft Dynamics consultant, you will experience a smooth implementation process, thorough training, and first-rate support.

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