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Key Challenges Petroleum Equipment Contractors Face

Excessive Paperwork

Contractors must maintain documents and contracts and receive approval from higher authorities. This eventually increases turnaround time and tons of paperwork in the office.

Implementing Practices

Petroleum equipment contractors are usually not up-to-date with the latest technologies. Digitizing operations would substantially assist contractors in thriving and meeting project objectives.

Team Management

Petroleum equipment teams are always on the go, doing several jobs in various locations. So managing projects in tandem with your team is crucial to deliver projects efficiently within the agreed timeframe.

Maintain Petroleum Equipment On Time, Every Time

Let us assist you in organizing and streamlining your operational processes

Get your Team Where They Need to Go

Construction365 offers real-time scheduling and quotation features that give insights into the job site, workforce, and more.

Better Manage Core Parts & Warranty Returns

Optimize the cost of parts and reduce expenses by keeping a track efficiently. Flexible billing allows you to quickly adapt the specific rules associated with warranty billing.

Leverage Better Visibility into Financial Reports

Construction365 allows you to eliminate data silos, drive collaboration, and optimize your petroleum equipment business efficiently.

Seamless Payroll Integration from Third-Party Platform

Managing payroll from a single integrated platform is of utmost importance for contractors You can make that happen with our solution and get things done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction365 powered by Business Central is an easily scalable solution for petroleum contractors, with 20 years of construction expertise and the power of Microsoft's latest technologies. It transforms businesses, results in revenue recognition, and has the potential to uncover petroleum success.

If you are looking for professional software for petroleum contractors, Construction365 powered by Dynamics Business Central is ideal. Some essential capabilities that can benefit your construction business include scheduling, work orders, project management, job purchasing, quoting and proposals, job material planning, progress billing, subcontract management, change order management, and more.

Training, data migration, and continuing support are all part of our implementation services, and our construction and service professionals are here to help you with anything you need.

You can schedule a demo of Construction365 or call our construction experts at +1 647 696 4534 for a guided tour. Our solution is tailored to your specific business needs, and our experts will walk you through all of Construction365's features and capabilities.

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