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Key Challenges the Civil Construction Industry Faces

Productivity and Profitability

Being the least digitized sector, contractors face immense challenges due to manual processing of repetitive tasks such as job quoting, progress billing, workflow management, leading to poor productivity and profitability.

Document Management

Managing documents such as contracts, bids and quotations takes a toll on your regular work procedures. Using spreadsheets hampers work efficiency and requires more labor.

Project Estimation

Unit costing analysis from the original projections throughout each project is necessary for cost estimation for earthwork firms. Both adhering to the timetable and the weekly budget are crucial.This ensures better relationship with stakeholders.

An all-in-one Robust Solution for Civil Construction

Powered by Dynamics Business Central, Construction365 manages construction projects efficiently. Construction processes can be managed from start to finish with a comprehensive set of functions.

Job Cost

Monitoring risks, variations, and predictions are necessary for successfully managing a project's finances. Project managers can maintain timeliness and cost control by accurately documenting budgets, modification orders, and estimate at completion changes.

Job Material Planning

Keep track of the genuine resources and supplies needed for jobs. Manage items by required dates, automate purchase suggestions to ensure you always have enough inventory, and generate reports for a single work or a collection of jobs.

Project Management

Control and manage budgets, budget changes, contracts, change orders, vendors, and subcontractors on a task-by-task basis using Construction365, an all-in-one solution.


Quickly filter timesheets by job or resource after recording hours and rate tables. This will help project managers to keep track of labor and productivity efficiently.

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The information required to manage budgets and track progress is available in Construction365, where you can carry out typical project management actions like defining work and scheduling a resource. By utilizing timesheets, you can keep track of both employee and machine hours for the project.

  • Robust and Flexible Financials
  • Mobile Cloud-Based Solution
  • Robust Construction Accounting
  • Equipment Management
  • Material Management and Fabrication
  • Sophisticated Scheduling
  • Field Service
  • Subcontract Management
  • Billing

Powered by Dynamics Business Central, Construction365 is an intelligent cloud solution that gives you a complete view of your construction company and empowers you to expand your business confidently.

Material production and management

Construction365 allows workers to get more efficiency out of all movements while also being able to lift, carry and pull more.

Sustainable building

Construction365 offloads your paperwork and gets you significantly digitized, allowing you to leave a lot of manual processes behind and focus precisely on what you need for success.

Raised virtual reality

Virtual reality can take construction processes to extraordinary levels. With Construction365, managers can have a detailed overview of the whole project and plan ahead.

Control over documents

Documents are fundamental to the success of any venture. With Construction365, it becomes easy for your staff to access and share information from a single location, whether on-site or in the office.

Construction365 offers a raft of benefits. It not only aids in increasing business but also considerably promotes client happiness, customer relations, and profits.

  • Gets you more projects
  • Builds better client relationship
  • Organizes your processes
  • Keeps you up-to-date

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