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Business Central offers a wide range of capabilities designed specifically for wholesale distribution companies.

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The Key Challenges in the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Inventory Shortage and Overstocking

Inventory Shortage and Overstocking

Supply chain shortage and surplus are two extremes that almost all businesses fear.

tracking systems

Poor Visibility into Product Profitability

Many business owners are unaware of the profitability of their products. This is the result of inadequate inventory tracking systems.

Customers and Suppliers

Demand mismatch between Customers and Suppliers

A lot of business owners have trouble matching product supply with market demand or matching customer and supplier demands.

Profit Margins with Dynamicssmartz

Profit Margins and Cash Flow

Business owners are always looking for ways to improve profit margins and cash flow.


New Technologies

Adapting to new technologies is critical to staying competitive in wholesale distribution.



Manufacturers and retailers are increasingly cutting out distributors and using their own networks to deliver products.

Flexible and Scalable Solution 100% Tailored to Wholesale Distribution

Utilize Dynamics Business Central to manage large volumes of products and processes. Improve profitability, reduce operational costs and streamline inventory.

Understand your Customers
Understand your Customers

Wholesalers can better forecast customer demand through data-driven dashboards that analyze real-time customer behavior.

Manage your Warehouse

Business Central enables companies to automate and manage inventory replenishment requests from a single, centralized tool, keeping operations running smoothly.

integrate with business central
Integrated Order, Inventory, and Accounts Management

You can integrate your order, inventory, and account management with Business Central, giving you full visibility across your organization.

Business Central
Updates on the go

Business Central uses a modern user interface that is compatible with all mobile devices, so it can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

Why Dynamics Business Central?

It does not matter how large or small your distribution operation is, it still needs to keep up with evolving customer expectations, complex product inventories, and changes to your supply chain. Dynamics Business Central provides exception-based supply chain management that saves you time and money.

Learn how Business Central helps wholesale distribution companies improve their business processes.


Case study

Data Migration from Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a leading Customs and Logistics Provider


The existing Salesforce CRM was about to expire.
The client needed a system to manage data migration from Salesforce CRM to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Business Central is designed to help wholesale distribution companies improve the efficiency of their workflow and inventory management processes. Dynamics Business Central provides organizations the power to automate processes, manage inventories and warehouses, and digitalize staff management, sales, procurement, and other business activities.

The Advanced Warehouse Management system plays a significant role in both your distribution and production processes. It integrates with shop floor control and inventory management systems to manage your inventory as well as the products you manufacture and ship.

Some of the key challenges are:

  • Lack of visibility into the supply chain
  • Complexities in inventory control
  • Controlling operational costs
  • Maintaining labor and operations agility
  • Managing vendor relationships
  • Planning and automation of customer orders efficiently

Dynamics Business Central lets you manage warehouse operations for manufacturing, distribution, and retail. To ensure warehouses perform at their best at all times, Business Central includes a broad range of capabilities.

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