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Key Challenges facing the Concrete Construction Industry

The Rise in Material Costs

The price of raw materials is rapidly increasing. The primary cause is a scarcity in the sector's material supply caused by a disrupted supply chain.

Skilled Manpower

The accessibility of competent personnel can be problematic at different phases of construction. This issue has become worse over the period.


The construction industry is still plagued by the problem of worker safety. For years, the number of injuries at work has been consistent.

Adoption of Technology

Technology adoption in the construction sector is notoriously slow. Numerous studies have shown that business owners underinvest in technology.

Project Delays

There can be project delays due to job site irregularities, changes in scope, and design revisions. Only 25% of projects meet their original deadlines.

Unfavorable Contract Terms

Construction projects inevitably involve significant financial risk. Due to conflicting interests, the subcontractor is exposed to considerable risk.

One comprehensive solution for increased project profitability

Take Control

Integration of cross-departmental processes and projects and real-time insight enable you to manage your business proactively instead of reactively.

Make data-driven decisions

By using a single source of truth in real-time, you can make informed and timely business decisions as opposed to relying on guesswork.

Improved Outcomes

Construction365 aligns the entire organization, increasing profitability by delivering more projects on time and within budget.

Adaptable to Your Specific Needs

Construction365 enables you to meet your unique needs and address the specific requirements of concrete project management.

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Construction365 empowers Concrete Contractors to:

  • Manage Machinery and Equipment
  • Accurately Predict Project Costs
  • Access the system from any device
  • Real-time Resource Management and Scheduling
  • Track bookings at all stages
  • Real-time view of financials
  • Customize Bills to suit everyone
  • Difficulty managing trade agreements for concrete purchases
  • Cannot create purchase orders using agreements
  • No process for certifying tangible receipts before processing payments.
  • Process delays for the vendor's regular payments.

Advanced Document Management
Create, log, keep track of, and store every email, attachment, and project-related detail. Maintain everything in one single place that is accessible at all times from any mobile device, including daily reports, timecards, meeting minutes, and punch lists.

Actionable Data
Construction365 combines data from several departments into a single panel, allowing instant access to all important KPIs. You can more easily identify the problem areas with readily available actionable data.

Manage Machinery and Equipment
Utilize costly machinery and equipment efficiently across a variety of projects.

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