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Financial ERP Solution for Construction and Project Based Companies

Construction365 is a Fully Scalable ERP Solution Powered by
Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

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Financial ERP Solution for Construction and Project Based Companies

Stay Ahead of Projects with Construction365

Financial and Business Insights

Reduce monthly and year-end closing times with automated accruals, recurring and fixed asset depreciate entries. All your closing streamlined with in your general ledger and financials.

  • Take control of financial data
  • Expand into global markets
  • Accelerate financial closing and reporting
  • Maximize financial visibility
  • Better reporting for more profitable financial decisions
Feature Business Insights

Job Quoting and Proposals

Experience job quoting like never before

  • Create job quote
  • Convert job quote to jobs
  • Build assemblies of items, labor, equipment, subcontract entries all behind a bid item
  • Easy to use job quote templates
  • Smooth access to job quote reports
  • Always keep a check on the scope of work
Job Quote Proposals

Job Purchasing and Procurement

Get quick access to manage inventory and purchases

  • Allow users to purchase directly for jobs
  • Enhanced the Job purchasing process
  • Maintain a list of items needed to be purchased
  • Suggest items to be purchased with job material planning
  • Create the Purchase Orders
Job Purchasing and Procurement

Job Material Planning

Convenience added to the management of material resources

  • Track actual materials and resources
  • Manage what specific items are needed on the job by “Required Dates”
  • Know items already maintained in your warehouse
  • Automatically suggest items to be purchased
  • Auto-create the Purchase Orders
Job Material Planning

Subcontract Management

Quickly manage subcontracts from change orders to vendor and job reports

  • Manage multiple subcontracts at the same time
  • Access subcontracts based on categories
  • Build assemblies of items, labor, equipment, subcontract entries all behind a bid item
  • No need to sort or run through piles of subcontract documents with direct access features
  • Keep track of subcontract data based on job reports
  • Streamline activities for timely deliverables
Subcontract Management


Manage all your documents at a single integrated platform

  • Record resource hours
  • Create timesheet batches for the specific jobs
  • Separately authorize timesheets and accounting entries
  • Easy to use job quote templates
  • Transfer timesheets to 3rd party payroll services

Project Management

Keep your project aligned with resources and activities

  • Ensure timely execution and deliveries
  • Achieve recognized revenues and profits
  • Track costs and billable activities
  • Access the list of available cost categories
Project Management

Progress Billing

Easily manage bills for lump sum contracts or unit consumption

  • Bill as you progress on the project
  • Create AIA Billings
  • Go for rapid billing on unit consumption
  • Create prices for job labor and equipment
  • Transfer posted labor costs into Work Order or Job Sales Invoices
Progress Billing

Payroll Integration

Easily integrate Construction365 with your payroll processing within Business Central

  • Integrate with business central payroll solutions such as Primo PayDay, Payroll NOW, and Serenic
  • Integrate with 3rd Party Payroll Services such as ADP, Paychex and Paylocity

Certified Payroll Report

Get certified payroll report with error-free entries

  • Post labor on a daily basis from timesheets through job journals
  • Prepare integration for either Business Central Payroll Solutions
  • Create specific burdened rates to charge for the day to day jobs
  • Maintain access to the labor entries
  • Share labor entries with your integrated payroll solution or export for outsourced processing
  • Always keep a check on the scope of work
Certified Payroll Report

Contract and Change Orders

Optimize & manage contract change orders efficiently

  • Create contract lines within job tasks for billing milestones
  • Make contract lines for progress billing of the contract values
  • Create contract change orders
  • Invoice Change Orders that are approved along with Progress Billing
Contract and Change Orders

Cloud-based Field service

  • Enhanced Deliveries On Customer Service
  • Improved Scheduling Experience
  • Go for a first-time fix
  • Empower Your Technicians
  • Expand Overall Efficiency
  • Connected Assets On The Go
Cloud-based Field service

Job Scheduler

Construction365 Job Scheduler has the drag & drop scheduling of resources for Project Planning. There are three different Planning Views to benefit the user, which include:

  • A Job Gantt Chart View to see all the job tasks and drill down into who is assigned across dates.
  • Ability to see the Resource View of each person and/or equipment's hourly demand across the date grid as well.
  • The Resource Histogram shows the daily need of each person and alerts when scheduled over capacity hours.


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