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Construction365: A Complete Solution for Energy and Utilities Companies

Construction365 empowers energy and utility companies by streamlining workflows, managing inventory, reducing costs, and managing resources.

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Key Challenges in the Energy and Utilities Sector

Data Management

The utility industry's modern digital transformation may be powered by data. The process of gathering data frequently involves too much redundancy.

Better Communication

The ability to consistently and efficiently communicate with the dispatcher or home office is crucial, given how quickly the situation on the job site might change.

Poor Business Models

The "climate emergency" is becoming more widely recognized. To achieve higher environmental protection and stewardship levels, utility suppliers must reevaluate their business models and operating processes.

Sustainable Solution for sustainable businesses

Construction365 enables energy service providers and power utility businesses to deliver first-rate customer service across all connected devices.

Resource Scheduling

Construction365 collects the data from other sources, providing insight for prompt scheduling of the right resources, increasing labor productivity, and assuring customer satisfaction.


To enhance demand response programs and promote participation in energy usage decisions, companies can coordinate energy balance with the help of Construction365.

Improved Infrastructure

Powered by Dynamics Business Central, Construction365 is an intelligent business platform that unifies your business by integrating people, processes, and data.

Predictive Maintenance

Utility companies can schedule the right resources, monitor assets, and avoid outages with Construction365 while keeping the client informed at all times.

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  • A comprehensive solution for managing complex projects
  • Internal collaboration tools for seamless workflows
  • A secure and easy-to-access document management system
  • Cloud-based data storage to gain valuable customer insights
  • Prediction tools to prepare for future energy trends.

With Construction365, energy companies can take advantage of cloud computing and other new technologies for:

  • Management of resources and projects
  • Analyzing customer insights
  • Prediction tools for trends
  • Automated sales and marketing
  • A platform for building your own apps and services
  • Teamwork tools for great collaboration
  • Centralized and secure data storage
  • You get a system design expert for your top-tier projects.
  • Cost and energy utilization are optimized.
  • Decrease in the overall system expenses of another application
  • An advanced tracking system that will change your company
  • Boosts power yield while lowering expenses
  • Enables you to act quickly in response to any irregularity

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