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Challenges the Interior Industry Faces

Budget Management

Interior contractors often provide only an initial estimate, and managers are left to worry about the cost as work progresses. Costs may unexpectedly increase and surpass original projections.

Detailed Designs

Contractors often run into problems due to the lack of timely delivery or poorly detailed drawings, which prevent them from completing the project.

Procurement Planning

Procurement planning ensures a project is completed and delivered on schedule. If a company's procurement planning is inadequate, completing any interior fit-out project is quite challenging.

Ensure Project Delivery within the Agreed Timeframe using Construction365

Powered by Dynamics Business Central, Construction365 unifies and integrates key interior and fit-out industry processes, enabling your business to achieve maximum profitability.

Project Management

Businesses can handle workers, contractors, projects, time, finances, taxes, employees, and duties effectively with a strategic evaluation system. Construction365 allows interior design firms to analyze and produce reports on multiple projects seamlessly.

Financial Management

With Construction365, the accounts department can focus on cash flow and manage significant accounting tasks easily. For fund regulation and audits, it offers built-in tools and capabilities that will help you stay compliant to state rules.

Purchase Management

Construction365 allows organizations to correctly plan, estimate, and prepare interior design projects. By using the solution, businesses can specify workflows, create budgets, and organize work to guarantee the project is a success.

Bids and Estimates

Construction365 makes it easier for the tendering department to extract all the necessary data from the BOQ and create estimates and quotes in line with it. It also enables users to determine the BOQ at the most affordable price and automatically add taxes and overhead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction365 for the interior design sector combines all the essential features and services needed to empower a business and manage its interior and fit-out operations.
Here are some of the fundamental features:

  • Managing Accounts and Finance
  • Preparing Estimates and Budgets
  • Purchase Handling
  • Store and Inventory Control
  • Customer Handling and Sales
  • Biding, Quoting, and Invoicing
  • Planning and Designing
  • Executing Projects
  • QC Check and Validation
  • Accurate estimates
  • Accurate project planning, execution, and monitoring
  • Timely project completions
  • Better quality of work
  • Analytical data available in real-time
  • Timely escalation of issues

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