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Key Challenges the Solar Industry Faces

Inaccurate data

Without using any tool for data entry may lead to errors and inaccurate data, causing problems during project implementation, maintenance, and reporting.

Limited scalability

Outdated processes are often not scalable, which can make it difficult for solar energy companies to expand their operations as their business grows.

Lack of visibility

Manual processes can make it difficult to track project progress, monitor performance, and identify areas for improvement, which can hinder the company's ability to make informed decisions.

Intelligent Energy Management Solution for a Sustainable Future

Investments in your business operations and improving your bottom line are all made possible with Construction365.

Schedule Resources

Construction365 facilitates resource scheduling by gathering data from various sources, allowing for the efficient allocation of resources, boosting labor productivity, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customer Focused

This platform assist companies in coordinating their energy balance, enabling them to improve their demand response programs and encourage participation in energy usage decisions.

Enhanced Infrastructure

Construction365 is a smart business platform that integrates individuals, procedures, and information to unify your business, utilizing Dynamics Business Central as its power source.

Seamless Maintenance

With Construction365, utility companies can efficiently plan and allocate resources, monitor their assets, and prevent power outages. Furthermore, clients are kept informed throughout the entire process.

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Boost agility

Secure your energy requirements and adjust to the laws, market situations, and changing times.

Control risk

Take advantage of this expanding market and assemble your tools and processes to identify risks quickly.

Work toward the future

Integrate customer and management data for efficient operations, cost-effective solutions, and cutting-edge technologies.

  • A comprehensive solution for managing complex projects
  • Internal collaboration tools for seamless workflows
  • A secure and easy-to-access document management system
  • Cloud-based data storage to gain valuable customer insights
  • Prediction tools to prepare for future energy trends.

With Construction365, energy companies can take advantage of cloud computing and other new technologies for:

  • Management of resources and projects
  • Analyzing customer insights
  • Prediction tools for trends
  • A platform for building your own apps and services
  • Teamwork tools for great collaboration
  • Centralized and secure data storage

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