7 Reasons to Start Using Dynamics 365 for Sales Right Away

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics 365 has a lot to offer and if you are not using all of its features, you are missing on the benefits it brings to the table through its functionalities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is Microsoft’s most vital component of the entire suite of Dynamics 365. It was just a module earlier but with updates, Microsoft launched it as an individual platform for businesses looking for robust solutions to manage their sales processes. With constant updates, Dynamics 365 for Sales becomes even more useful with intelligent features and functionalities, in order to make it even more suitable for its users.

Many users are unaware of the capabilities of this dynamic marvel. Have a look at all the features you might be skipping and reap the full benefits of Dynamics 365 for Sales.

1. Converted your Historical Customer Data into Customer Insights

Microsoft Dynamics makes use of Machine Learning in the most optimal way. Dynamics 365 has a directly integrated Azure-based service named Customer Insights that converts uniformed data into actionable insights. These insights are further provided to the right person at the right time.

  • Customer 360 view
  • Predictive Match
  • Predictive Scoring
  • Segmentation

2. Users can access their organization’s data via Dynamics 365 Mobile

People today use smartphones more than their laptops and PCs. Their morning starts with the mobile phone in hand. Smartphones are used for every minimal purpose along with its main purpose of communication. Dynamics 365 offers mobile applications for all platforms. This helps employees in accessing their data anywhere anytime.

3. Actionable insights based on your previous interactions via Assisted Relationship Insights 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being used by every business. When you select customer’s profile in the sales app, you get access to actionable insights on the contacts, accounts, and opportunities based upon your previous interactions with the client.

4. Link custom activities to any Dynamics 365 record via Activities.

The activities section in dynamics 365 has all the user-interactions you have, like emails, appointments, and phone calls. This allows you to create custom activities and relate them with any dynamics 365 records.

5. Increase efficiencies by building custom Workflow Activities via Workflows

You can automate your business processes, that too without even writing a single line of code. Dynamics 365 workflows update records, run children workflows, and send email notifications by simply using logical clauses. You can even create custom workflows.

6. Use dedicated search services via Relevance/Categorized Search

Relevance/Categorized search make use of Azure powered dedicated search services. Dynamics 365 offers many ways to search for data. How relevant the search is, it depends on many factors like the frequency of matching words and their proximities. This helps if you are looking for something specific.

7. Build complex queries in a user-friendly interface via Advanced Find

As the name suggests, it is an advanced way to search. You are able to make queries in a user-friendly manner. No technical skills are required, simple logic would be enough. For instance, let us consider a query “Buyers where City = Washington and Last updated 15 days ago” you would get the expected results.


Dynamics 365 for Sales will give a clear view of the performance of your sales team by providing reports and analytics in real-time. This will help boost productivity by providing valuable insight early, resulting in a more focused team and increased revenues. To learn how it can help in your business, Speak with a Dynamics expert