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Key Highlights from Digital Transformation Week North America 2022

Posted by Shawn Sauve / calender-icon Oct 10, 2022

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Digital Transformation Week North America 2022

The Digital Transformation Week North America 2022 came to a close. Digital Transformation Week North America is a senior-level forum for enterprise-level decision-makers looking to examine and evaluate new technologies and cutting-edge strategic frameworks in order to foster innovation in their businesses.

This in-person and virtual conference is ideal for digital and IT professionals who are fostering change and innovation within their organizations. Digital Transformation Week is the premier event to hear from industry experts and gain valuable insights to revamp your digital transformation strategy.

There was so much to learn at this year’s event thanks to the excellent lineup of special guests who spoke on more than a dozen topics throughout the Digital Transformation Week Conference tracks.

The event included live and recorded sessions from 40 speakers who shared their unparalleled industry knowledge and real-world experiences through solo presentations, expert panel discussions, and in-depth fireside conversations.

The event provides the perfect opportunity to hear from leading digital experts and learn key tactics for success in your digital endeavors and examine the essential tools and techniques required to raise customer satisfaction and promote a digital culture within your company.

Digital Transformation Week offers numerous networking opportunities. You get to consult with experts who can offer you practical guidance as you build and implement your digital transformation strategy.

Following are some of the event’s important talking topics and key takeaways:

  • Crisis Response and Fresh ways of working – Discussing digital transformation during COVID-19 and examining how to implement new workplace technologies to support the digital workforce. Which devices, technologies, and solutions work the best?
  • Headless Tech for creating custom shopping experiences –Techniques for integrating content and commerce to improve back-end e-commerce functionality and consumer experience.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Utilizing AI to comprehend and foresee consumer behavior in order to provide better, more relevant, and personalized experiences that over time improve customer loyalty.
  • Talking about the new customer engagement and experience opportunities that 5G connectivity and WiFi6 provide for businesses?
  • Big Data and Analytics Architecture – How can you provide insights that make your company operations more efficient? Where can you make the most significant improvements? What challenges must be addressed for such improvements?
  • Understanding how edge computing can optimize AI, ML, 5G, IoT, and other technologies can help you move your IT spending from legacy to cutting-edge.
  • Blockchain as a Business Process Accelerator, a Supply Chain Game Changer, and the Standard for Digital Transactions.

The following speakers presented at Digital Transformation North America 2022:

Praveen Kesani, Pooja Munshi, Leslie C., Bhavana Bartholf, Estelle Shaw-Latimer, Omar Abduljali, Radha Penekelapati, Nitin Singhal, Paul Breslow, Laura Nunnery, Jonathan Alloy, Matt Hughes, Tejas Chopra, Sarika Tyagi, Mark Christianson, Bruce Wang, Michael Fulton, Joe Calder, Jan Gilg Lisa Radloff, Julio Feliciano, Charles Conlin, Cedric Savarese, Susan Drennan, Mike Fitzmaurice, Gregory Niver, Shailesh Nalawadi, Andrew Hartwyk, Chanchal Chatterjee, Karthik Shanmugasundaram, and Laura Patel.

Drop us a line if you have any questions or would like additional information about the event.