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IAMCP 2024: Key Lessons from Microsoft Channel Partners’ Annual Conference

Written by DynamicsSmartz / calender-icon April 1, 2024

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Picture this: the vibrant shores of Goa swaying abuzz with spirited discussions about the future of technology, innovation, and collaboration. The sun and sand made for the perfect backdrop as the Microsoft Partner Community in India stepped into the forefront of digital transformation at the recently concluded IAMCP Annual Conference 2024.

The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) brought together over 100 Microsoft Channel Partners, Microsoft leadership, and distributors from across the country. DynamicsSmartz was a Silver sponsor at the event, with our Senior Vice President Kapil Sharma leading the way through his deep insights on breaking barriers and supercharging growth with our array of Microsoft solutions, implementation, and support.

One of the best things about this conference is the tremendous networking opportunity it offers, and the knowledge sharing that follows. From dynamic discussions to powerful collaborations within the fraternity, the three days of IAMCP 2024 were a treasure trove of information and actionable insights.

Here are the top 3 key takeaways from the conference:

  1. There’s no escaping it; AI is everywhere

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated all aspects of business in the best way possible. Every process, every workflow needs to be smartly enabled with the power of AI to unlock limitless possibilities while enhancing productivity, efficiency, and scalability. Sadiq Pasha, the SMB Lead for India and South Asia at Microsoft, delivered an impressive keynote on “The AI Moment” to highlight the importance and future of artificial intelligence for driving business success.
    Also, the rise of new AI-powered solutions in the market – Microsoft Co-pilot, GenAI, and GPT-4, to name a few – will be pivotal in transforming regular processes into intelligent workflows to drive organizational efficiency and future-proof operations.

  2. Cybersecurity is the need of the hour, every hour (or minute, or second)

    The importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated, especially in the context of the Microsoft ecosystem that is brimming with mission-critical and sensitive data. In addition to safeguarding information, a robust cybersecurity infrastructure is imperative for ensuring business continuity, authorization and access management, regulatory compliance, fraud detection, and financial safety.
    Organizations need to keep innovating to enhance security and proactively mitigate cybersecurity threats. From advanced threat detection to encryption technologies, investing in cybersecurity strengthens the overall resilience of the ecosystem and keeps users safe.

  3. Collaboration for the win with P2P networks and ISV partnerships

    A big focus of the IAMCP Annual Conference was the importance of leveraging a strong partner network to grow the community multifold. A Partner-to-Partner or P2P network brings a plethora of cross-selling opportunities for partners, especially when it is an area where another partner might have better expertise. You do not need to build entirely new ecosystems on your own to cater to client requirements; you can get support from other partners who already have the set up in place. In fact, nearly 70% revenue contribution in the channel comes from the P2P network. The opportunities are endless when the community comes together to enable mutual success.
    Another key piece of the puzzle is prioritizing collaborations with independent software vendors or ISVs. You can tap into the potential of the ISV marketplace by partnering with certified ISV solutions that are well-integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem and can give a boost to your business with custom-built applications and dedicated support.

Reflecting on the Sunset and Preparing for a New Day

In the midst of the sun-kissed beaches and insightful discussions at IAMCP Annual Conference 2024 in Goa, India, the pulse of digital transformation resonated loud and clear. New-age technologies like AI and cybersecurity are no longer just good-to-have, rather they are essential to lay down a strong foundation for any successful business. Furthermore, the power of collaboration, whether through P2P networks or ISV partnerships, will continue to empower the channel fraternity with the resources, support, and expertise required for driving success.

As we reflect on the insights shared and connections made, one thing is clear: together, we’re not just shaping the future of technology; we’re leading it with purpose and resilience.

DynamicsSmartz is aligned with the ethos of Microsoft and continues to help clients maximize benefits of their Microsoft Dynamics investments. Talk to our experts to learn how DynamicsSmartz can elevate your Microsoft experience and support your business needs to accelerate growth and success.