What’s New with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Project Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is the 1st major version update of Dynamics NAV ever since Microsoft upended its Dynamics line-up with Dynamics 365. Recently, there have been significant enhancements in the core application including updates to ‘Project Management’ in jobs, which may involve the consumption of machine hours, employee hours, inventory items, and various other resources required for a project. Jobs allow you to efficiently schedule the usage of resources and keep track of the associated costs.

Jobs now have some new features with deeper functionality that streamline your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 and enable you to manage your projects better. Using the new Jobs set-up wizard, you can set up jobs; enter time sheets & Job Journals more easily; and use the updated Project Manager role center for quick access to the common tasks, your new “My Jobs list”, and more. On the Job Card, you can use the new Project Manager Field for better visibility of the costs/billings for the jobs.  There is also a Job Quote report that allows you to send a quick email to a customer about the pricing for a particular project.

The Key Enhancements To Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Include:

Resources:  Keep track of the resources and the associated costs. Register and sell your resources, combine the related resources in one single resource group, and track every individual resource in seconds. Divide the resources into equipment and labor, and allocate them to a specific job for a specific time period.

Capacity Management: Plan capacity, manage the usage statistics, and the productivity of resources. Create a plan in the calendar for a particular time period while mentioning the required details. Monitor the usage of resources and get an overview of your capacity for every resource through information about their availability, costs, etc.

Time Sheets:  Time Sheets are used for time registration with manager approval. They provide integration to Service, Jobs, as well as Basic Resources modules.

Multiple Costs:  Manage multiple costs for resources/resource groups. These can be fixed costs or based on some additional percentage or additional fixed charge. Define different work types as per your needs.

In addition to these Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Project Management updates, you can also-

  • Create a plan for a specific job with various tasks/task groupings – which you can do for whatever time period you want. There can also be a budget for every task.
  • Copy the budget of one job to another. Set-up a job specific list of prices for resources as well as general ledger account expenses.
  • View Work in Progress & Recognition postings for the jobs.
  • Invoice a job in the currency other than your local currency.
  • Assign a job to a customer, and completely or partially invoice the job through Jobs together with Sales Invoicing.

With Enhanced Project Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, you can always have your business projects in sync from a single portal. Good Luck!