What is the Difference in Microsoft Dynamics: GP and NAV?

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Dynamics GP or Dynamics NAV – which one would you choose for your business? Well, both of them were developed to fulfill the needs of mid-market, still both of them have functionalities that overlap. So what factors an organization should consider while making a move to the one or the other?

Let us talk about Dynamics GP first –

  • Microsoft developed a feature-rich Dynamics GP as an out-of-the-box solution. It is built for organizations who wants to customize their workflow according to Dynamics GP processes transactions. It was integrated with rich functionalities, but it is not as flexible as NAV.
  • When using Dynamics GP, it is common to have ISV or third party products as part of the solution. Moreover, there is a robust, scalable, feature-loaded set of ISV products available in the market. Which means, if you are in a specific industry, there may already be a pre-built ISV solution to address unique feature needs of similar businesses.
  • Dynamics GP is quite easy and quick to install and maintain.

Now, the next is Dynamics NAV –

Out of all the products in the Dynamics family, Dynamics NAV has the largest install base with over one million users. Because –

  • Dynamics NAV is extraordinarily flexible and it can be tailored to fulfill the unique needs or businesses.
  • It allows customization to be tracked and automated to keep updates and maintenance rolling.
  • Dynamics NAV is a cutting-edge solution that helps business and industry leaders to leverage core competencies, and grow their business.

Therefore, at a high level, Dynamics GP lacks in flexibility, but easier to install. On the other hand, Dynamics NAV is highly flexible, the low side is that it just takes a bit longer to install.

Now you have read the key differences between the Microsoft’s two most popular Dynamics products: GP and NAV. If you want more information, or want to see the Dynamics products in action, Talk to a Dynamics Expert