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Dynamics 365 Business Central Productivity Features

Over the years, Microsoft has been involved in the development of futuristic technology that has helped various industries meet their business solution requirements. With upgrades and improved features, Dynamics technology has turned to be the primary choice for most organizations looking for a robust business solution.

However, one of the most significant models ever released by Microsoft has turned out to be Dynamics 365 Business Central. With the benefit of cloud and features like Power BI, Office 365, it has proven itself to be an all-encompassing solution. Year over year, the changes made to Business Central have helped shape and enhance the product, whether it was the release wave 1 and 2, from October 2019 and March 2020.

With our experience as Dynamics 365 Business Central Partners, in the next few minutes, we will take a quick tour of Business Central’s productivity features and its capabilities that have led to proven increased business value.

What makes it different?

The new releases of Dynamics 365 Business Central features include AI-based apps which includes a Connected Store and Product Insights. The former lets you access the cloud to a physical retail location through data sharing along with actionable insights using cloud sensors that collect data from store managers. While the latter lets you analyze client patterns and behavior to improve customer satisfaction with particular products.

Aside from this, Business Central brings several enhanced features for improved customer service, marketing, and retail experience. Let’s dig a bit more detail:

  • Microsoft brings the finest AI insight options through Business Central i.e. Customer Service Insights assisting on operational data, performance outcomes, and trends. However, the special part is the AI bots, that are designed to achieve customer satisfaction, efficiency, and yields actionable business data.
  • Sales insights help the users work on the product sale lifecycle through data-powered acumen.
  • Market insights for enhanced product development using consumer behavior and feedback on latest Microsoft Dynamics Solutions.
  • Improving the overall shopping experience for customers through higher acceptance rates for banks, along with fraud protection that prevents loss of revenue for merchants.

Moreover, Business Central wave 2 was launched with a better virtual experience for multiple user types. These enhancements could be seen through more robust problem solving, mobile support, etc. besides this, Microsoft has also introduced advanced HoloLens which contains an easy guide for learning through holographic demonstrations.

Last but not least, keeping a focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, the new update also enrolled Dynamics 365 Commerce which helps to advance retail processes. These include better in-store support plus improved digital experience for back-office operations and call centers through a comprehensive channel.

The Support

All the latest features on Business Central are defined to be used for anyone of the three user categories. These include users who can define the overall user experience, admins, or analysts who can have administrative control on system and users created by admins, analysts, or first users as a part of solution configuration.

Considering the overall updates, Dynamics 365 Business Central releases of wave 1 and wave 2 features were all about improving efficiency. If you are looking for some expert Microsoft Dynamics Consultant to implement Business Central or need help exploring the various aspects of Business Central, DynamicsSmartz can help.

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