Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation: Defining the Process

Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation: Process

It does not matter if you have just decided to move to Business Central or if you are familiar with the idea of Dynamics NAV or other Dynamics solutions, moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a big undertaking and may be a bit overwhelming.

Most of the time, this situation occurs due to the lack of knowledge of the deliverables. However, the right understanding of the Business Central implementation process can help make the task of working on Dynamics 365 Business Central much easier.

Let us take a quick tour of the implementation process to make it a smooth transition for you, whether you are upgrading or planning to migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The Foundation Stage

Since Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation is an essential part of initial business planning, it needs immediate involvement of the teams and stakeholders directly involved in the process. Since remote is the new normal, using a dynamics-based solution can be a key component in improving efficiency for your business.

Further, all requirements related to the solution are conveyed to the project manager, who is also working on defining customizations of the solution. This helps to manage the project plan as per the expectations and work on test cases to ensure a smooth migration.

Defining the Process

The next phase of implementation is defining the process based upon system requirements. At this stage, the teams are supposed to work on analyzing the routine activities of the system, comparing them to internal business processes and then, design the solution accordingly. This can be the development of an Microsoft Dynamics 365 on premise or cloud solution.

Also, the details related to operations are used to design the scope of assessment and process flow. Once all the planning related to the development is framed, a checklist is created to ensure safe migration of data through the configuration of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Developing the Solution

At this stage, the project managers aim to study all the requirements before designing the solution. This may involve the study of the business process to ensure purpose-driven customizations.

There are certain organizations that prefer to use the original, out-of-the-box solution and integrate it with their business process, and others, who prefer a custom fit for their Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade. During both situations, the experts at DynamicsSmartz aim to create the perfect solution and, most importantly, keep the costs to a minimum for you and your business.

Further, the project teams work to create an operational flow of the software and bring together all parts of a project, such as Dynamics 365 hosting, implementation, integrations, etc. With the customer’s authorization at all stages, the final setup is made, which involves important tasks related to data migration and testing.

Implementing the Solution

This is the final stage of Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation that involves preparing the operational release within the organization. As the system users who have access to the software are already defined, the implementation stage helps to check the validity of the system and identify any errors that users might face.

This process is initiated under the controlled environment which users are assisted by the professionals on Dynamics 365 Business Central Support and checking the performance during operations. This can also be considered as a part of a training module where users are introduced to various functions and features of the integrated software for easy company-wide use.

DynamicsSmartz& Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation

With more than a decade of experience working on Microsoft solutions like Dynamics 365, we have built our proficiency with the software integrations that need to migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

If you are looking for a valuable implementation that can help you satisfy your business goals such as Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise Edition, consider planning a consultation session with our experts. To plan a meeting, visit here.