Dynamics 365 Business Central: Commitment To Deliver Personalized Support

Over the years, Microsoft has prided itself on delivering the best customer service with consistency in Dynamics abilities. Also, the exponential growths of customers’ businesses have been the true outcome of extensive features and tools that have made it successful.

With the growing demand for technology and innovation, Microsoft Dynamics has always shown up with improved experience through better engagement. Let us take a quick dive into all the aspects of personalized customer support that you receive when investing in any Dynamics solution like Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Extended Communication Options

With the objective to improve the omnichannel experience through Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft has expanded its range of engagement channels through email, messenger, SMS, virtual agents, and many other options. Moreover, the customers have the option to choose from the combination of channels for enhanced support on queries. This has expanded the convenience and ease of customer service along with a stellar omnichannel experience.

The growing expectations of the customers have paved the way for innovative connection that adds more life to the growth of the Microsoft community. Thanks to features like Facebook Messenger customers have gained greater control over communication. While the options such as proactive chat and Microsoft power virtual agents have seamlessly escalated the concept of conversing through intelligent technologies like AI.

Improved Agent Productivity

Considering the need for improved customer experience, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation has not only worked at omnichannel experience but has also improved the operational efficiency. This has ultimately led to a rise in customer satisfaction.

Some of the productivity features that have helped improve time consumption include:

  • Configuration of agent scripts that can provide complete guidance to common queries depending on the type of session.
  • Chatbots to help with real-time conversations based on contextual data.
  • Skill-based routing of conversations to increase efficiency and make them reach the right agent.
  • Macros to identify repetitive tasks and turn them into scripts or smart assist data that can further be used to resolve the case or could be assigned to another customer with a similar query through notes or emails.
  • A Stronger Connection with Customers

    When it comes to customers who are associated with big brands and industries, the main expectation from a product like Dynamics 365 is a seamless experience. This has required Microsoft to work on various factors that define the customer journey as it is vital to develop a pleasant and interactive experience.

    To meet such needs, Microsoft in the January edition of Dynamics 365 Business Central update has worked on a few things that has improved the connection:

    Service History: Under this feature, the agents could simply gain access to real-time data of the customers, especially the past recorded data from history. This helps to improve the entire customer journey which enables the agents to understand the need for assisted support for all the queries as well as plans of the customers.

    Sentiment Analysis: This is another popular and trending feature based on artificial intelligence that has contributed a lot in improving the customer journey. The sentiment analysis in the case of Microsoft dynamics 365 for customer service works as the ability to understand the feelings of the customers based on the messaged conversations. Further, this data is sent to the agents who plan the right course of action to deal with the situation and ensure a positive experience. Also, the support on Dynamics 365 comes with a 40 language sentiment scoring system which is automatically enabled from the backend. Also, the latest upgrades made to accessibility features and icons have improved the entire idea of customer experience.

    Take Away

    With every day that Microsoft experts work on Dynamics technology, they aim to improve customer service with more adaptability and innovation. These include adding and enhancing features to add value to any organization as well as the development of intuitive solutions that are easy to use for most customers.

    Also, the growing need for Microsoft Dynamics in the field of manufacturing, production, and other industries is likely to bring more features that will enhance the service roadmap. Moreover, the right implementation of the guidelines and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support could be of huge help in driving KPIs on advanced Dynamics 365 solutions.

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