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The Essential Guide to Measuring ERP Return on Investment

Are you considering an ERP implementation?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the cornerstone of virtually every business. When an ERP implementation plan is presented, two questions are invariably asked: How much will it cost, and what is the payback period.

Before embarking on an ERP project, it's always a good idea to do a cost-benefit analysis. A well-done ROI analysis builds the business case for the project. The organization is in a stronger position to make a decision, set objectives, and meet deadlines. This analysis also serves as a foundation for assessing the future performance of the system.

But where do you start? To provide you all the answers, we have designed the essential guide to measuring ERP return on investment.

Some of the key highlights of this whitepaper include:

  • The Value of ERP ROI
  • Estimating ERP Costs
  • Expected ERP Returns
  • Some key areas for ROI Realization
  • Analyzing Final ERP ROI Figures