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How to master Cloud Migration with a Microsoft Partner

It's difficult to envision a world without cloud technology, given the speed of modern business and the need for millions of employees to work remotely due to COVID-19. The pandemic has proven to be a stress test for organizations regardless of where they are- in the cloud, using a hybrid of cloud and on-premise/legacy systems, or relying completely on legacy systems with no cloud access.

SMEs and large-scale enterprises are increasingly relying on the cloud to meet their growing business needs and keep pace with the evolving technological landscape.

Microsoft has embraced a cloud-first approach for its Dynamics 365 offerings. Customers that have successfully transitioned to Dynamics 365 will tell you that the business benefits of the cloud much outweigh the perceived risks of migrating or staying on-premises.

Moving to the cloud unlocks several benefits and improves business agility. The race to the cloud allows companies to think bigger—to take a step back and analyze their processes, tactics, and goals to see how technology may help them overcome inefficiencies and operational problems.

If you are considering the move to the cloud, it's critical to work with experts that take the time to understand your business goals and align them with a unified cloud migration strategy.

Some of the key highlights of the whitepaper include:

  • Important Cloud Migration Facts
  • Top reasons to Migrate to the Cloud
  • Approaches to Cloud Migration
  • Our Cloud Migration Framework
  • How can DynamicsSmartz help you with Cloud Migration