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Dynamics CRM Implementation for a prominent Fiber Bandwidth Company


  • The client was looking for a unified quoting experience across all departments without multiple application changes. Access to all other systems like Power BI Dashboards, Spirit Map would be through Dynamics CRM
  • The client was looking to make Dynamics CRM the single source of truth so that enhanced reporting can be developed.
  • Custom CPQ to fulfill their complex product requirements, Including Price List selection based on different sectors.
  • Needed an Enhanced Reporting tool to be implemented to prepare reports for different levels of Job Roles in the organization.
  • Automatic Document Generation to send to Customer and manage documents inside SharePoint for proper versioning based on Task Version.
  • Make Dynamics CRM system ready for Cloud Migration, remove their existing unsupported customizations and convert them to Cloud-supported customization


Microsoft Dynamics CRM


With Better Design and rapid implementation, the client was equipped with:

  • United Quoting Process across all Sales Departments.
  • Customized Customer Product Management within Dynamics CRM fulfilling their complex products requirements.
  • Quoting Process Managed via Workflow Tasks with defined SLAs for employee efficiency reporting, configured by Sales Departments.
  • Business Plan Management within Dynamics CRM with Automation & Excel-style Ul by Editable Grids.
  • Centralized Service Location to manage the history of Installed Circuits, Products, Features and generated FSR, ONRS & ONQS on that location.
  • Enhanced Discount management functionality using SharePoint was added, which increased customer satisfaction.
  • Automatic Document Generation Service was installed.