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Business Central Implementation for a leading provider of Portable Toilets, Offices, and Containers


The client has been using MYOB Solutions for operational data handling as well as project/job management. However, the projects in MYOB Solutions were not configured enough to meet the project-specific business requirements and were lacking in certain areas such as effective project-based accounting, Job Material Planning, BOM, and its components planning for procurement, BOM Costing, and user support.

They needed a consolidated system that would meet their unique business needs and unite all processes and systems on a single platform.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


With Better Design and the rapid implementation of Business Central along with ProjectPro, the client is now effectively managing:

  • Streamlined Job operations and management.
  • Access to a centralized database accessible to all the departments with integrated information relevant to general business operation and job site operations.
  • Improved accounting and inventory management.
  • Real-time project progress tracking and real-time progress billing.
  • Much more detailed Job specific and financial reporting.
  • Effective ways to handle Job-based material planning followed by purchase orders and change order management.