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Business Central Implementation for a leading CBD Wellness Company


The client was using QuickBooks, which was not built to keep up with the company's growing requirements. It lacked in most areas such as inventory tracking and financial reporting. The majority of the data for cash books and bank books were maintained in spreadsheets, resulting in a financial reporting failure. There was no standardized mechanism in place to manage products sold out in kits as well as assembled items. There was no efficient way to deal with the intercompany stock exchange.


Microsoft Dynamics Business Central


  • Streamlined operations and management.
  • Access to a centralized database available to all the departments with integrated information.
  • Real-time inventory tracking and real-time inventory valuation.
  • Far more comprehensive and accurate financial reporting for monthly/quarterly and yearly comparisons.
  • Effective ways to handle non-inventoried products and procurement, followed by multi-level approvals.
  • User Specific roles and permissions to access only the necessary information in Dynamics Business Central along with customized dashboards.