Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Offers Some Brilliant Takeaways for Partners and Customers from Directions North America 2018

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central's Brilliant Takeaways from Directions North America 2018

The new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV , which is now called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is in use since 1st October 2018. The Microsoft’s Business Central is based on a modern, unified, intelligent and adaptable set of features.

One of the most noticeable new features is the new UI for the Web Client:

The modern UI comes with more efficient and modern taste. Some of the major enhancements to provide intelligent capabilities and ease of use include intuitive buttons better order of the actions, lots of keyboard shortcuts ability to paste content as records, filter records, a heavily enhanced search, the new PowerBI reports.

Microsoft made it very clear: “The power of the future is going to be in the data”. Microsoft has added some more features to get more out of the data. They implemented machine learning in many different areas to utilize the data properly.

Microsoft came up with a bunch of improvements for partners as well.

They built an Admin Center, which allows partners to control the following things for their customers:

  • Providing telemetry for:
    • Identifying which extensions are they using
    • Which objects within the extension are used
    • Keeping a check on failure messages
  • The ability to set up a sandbox environment with production data, to be able to debug relevant data.

Takeaways for partners and customers from Directions North America 2018.

Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central has something to offer for all its partners and customers. We have discussed a few situations in which Microsoft has helped its customers through Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • If customers were new to Dynamics 365 Business Central– Customers were worried about making the transition. Thus, the learning path at the Directions North America 2018 included multiple sessions that helped them to get up-to-speed in learning how to successfully transition from their old system and maximize their investments.
  • If they were migrating from their existing offerings – While they were trying to migrate, they had one question: Will adapting to a new product and business model be putting extra stress on the business? The session at the Directions North America 2018 allowed them to learn some of the common pitfalls, scope of investment, and common mistakes to avoid while migrating to D365 Business Central. Customers were even able to earn the profit while migrating from their existing offerings during the learning path.
  • If there were innovations on Dynamics 365 Business Central – Customers were worried about keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology and then finding the best resources to learn from. During the learning path, they learned about Power Apps, Extensions, Modifications, Development 2.0, and new functionality to give them a leg up in the competition.
How could Business Central help in marketing and sales –

Customers were able to learn tips and tricks that could help them stand apart from their competition during the Directions North America 2018. They found answers to all their questions like – Do they have the resources and knowledge to demo best practices? Is their sales and marketing team able to optimize offers in their vertical space?

When they were bundling a solution offering –

Customers were unaware that how they could stay relevant. Which industry should they target? How can they start building their own IP? During the learning path, they were informed about the technical aspects and go-to-market strategy for creating and improving their solution offering through apps and services, including how they can leverage the Microsoft stack (Business Central, Office 365, and Azure).

When they were trying to improve their professional services –

They were guided to find the right talent, improve billable time, customer satisfaction, and applying application features to meet the customer needs through real-life examples.

The attendees at the Directions North America 2018 were motivated and inspired with the futuristic vision of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. According to the needs, partners have been equipped with more knowledge and resources, trained, learned to manage customer conflict, and ways to streamline their upgrades and implementations. We are now looking forward to the next conference, which will be held from May 5 to May 8, 2019 at Las Vegas – when the next version of Business Central will be released.

According to varying needs, partners were equipped and trained with more knowledge and resources. They were also taught ways to manage customer conflict, and how they can streamline their upgrades and implementations.Get in touch with the experts at Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to get assisted on how you can implement or upgrade to D365BC without disrupting your business processes.