Have a look at the Outlook Integration with Dynamics NAV/D365

Finally, the wait is over and Outlook integration with Dynamics NAV/D365 is here. Now, the Microsoft’s Office products work efficiently with Dynamics NAV/D365.

Yes, you read it right! With some advanced functionality, Outlook allows its users to work more productively. Around the world, many people spend lots of their time inside the Outlook every day. Earlier, the feature to handle all the email from customers, right from Outlook rather than going into Dynamics NAV/D365 was considered a crazy talk. But, it is better now.

For better integration between Outlook with NAV, lots of efforts has been given to simplify the things and functionalities. Right from task tracking to logging the emails for historical look up, Outlook handles many things.

New users of Dynamics NAV might be having many doubts. Don’t worry it happens. Play around Dynamics NAV and you would be astonished with the amazing features and advanced functionality.

The best part of Outlook is that it helps to handle most of the work while working together with customers and prospects. While working on the Outlook, do you need to visit NAV frequently? Probably, but the things are changed now due to the remarkable work delivered by Dynamics NAV/D365 team including Marco Perisic and Jannik Bausager.

It’s an awesome job done by Dynamics NAV/D365 team. They have invested lots of their time and efforts to make the functionality easy and advanced. Especially, if you are using Outlook 365, the set-up is easy and flexible now.

The CRM solution has improved with new advancement to make its usage worth for its users. For the new beginners who have just started the CRM journey, it has become much easier with perfect set of new features by Dynamics NAV.

With the increased and improved features by Outlook, the users of Dynamics focus to increase their customer and sales services by using Outlook.

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