The April 2019 Release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform Updates

MS Dynamics BC - April 2019 Release

In the quest to make Microsoft Dynamics 365 application feature-rich, Microsoft released another update in April with a number of enhanced capabilities across Sales, Marketing, Customer Service Case Management, Web Portals, Finance and Operations, Talent, and Business Central.

The Spring ’19 version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central accelerates productivity with powerful customer satisfaction features. With embedded Artificial Intelligence, the suite of Microsoft Dynamics 365 application revolutionizes business approaches. With integration of business processes, it helps in quick decision making and real time customer engagement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform Updates

  • Microsoft Forms Pro is all together a new feature added as a survey app built on Microsoft Forms and integrated with Dynamics 365 and Common Data Service for Apps.
  • As revealed in earlier release, Microsoft is putting more efforts and investment in the artificial intelligence capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, as stated in the April 2019 release. This is going to help businesses empower customer service, sales, and marketing functions thorough intelligent Microsoft AI research, tools, data, and the Power Platform.
  • Another important thing about this release is that Microsoft has set a key milestone for Microsoft Dynamics 365, where all the users will receive the update and use the latest version of the application. Thereafter, the D365 will be updated according to the consistent update schedule set by Microsoft.

New features for business users

The April 2019 release also has a number of productivity features added. Customers using Business Central will experience a smooth and fresh experience.

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The update infused recent trends around web-based applications with the unique requirements of a D365 Business Central customer to provide several enhancements and improvements addressing the productivity crunch of a busy professional. Some of them are –

  • Accelerate data input with Quick Entry
  • AutoSave indicator
  • Contextual work dates
  • Customization enhancements
  • Focus-mode on document pages
  • Improved all-product navigation
  • Improved contextual search experience
  • Improved list views and navigation
  • Improvements to scrolling in lists
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Notes and links

However, in the Microsoft’s release notes, it was stated that not all the functionality have been released yet. Which means, delivery time of specific functionality may change or may not release at all. Talk to our experts to learn what is and what is not currently available in this update.

Business Central for your Business

The capability to collaborate and work makes Business Central a popular platform. This tradition has been carried to Spring ’19 release with following features:

  • Faster performance especially in typical business usage patterns.
  • Optimized server resources for quick user interaction.
  • On-demand loading of page elements.
  • Upgrades scheduled to match individual business.
  • No interruption for maintenance during work hours.
  • Improved security for your data.
  • Highly accessible mobile and desktop interfaces.

Data and AI

Why Large Businesses Get All AI

The future of businesses is entirely based on cloud and AI. In order to ensure data sanity, it is important to integrate Dynamic 365 for sales using CDS (Common Data Service). The Spring ‘19 Business Central data shall contribute to the following:

  • Smart insights into data using notes syncing and late payment prediction.
  • Incorporate Artificial Intelligence for sales application.
  • Have access to predictive insights generated using Dynamics 365 Sales Insights.

With enhancements in performance, accessibility, reliability and scalability, Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Spring ’19 release is there to give its business users a more robust platform for better work flow capabilities and customer satisfaction. Request guidance from a Microsoft Dynamics expert to migrate from your existing ERP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.