How to Proceed to Upgrade Older Versions of Dynamics NAV to the Latest One

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides the combination of advanced features and functionality to the customers. In April 2018, Dynamics 365 Business Central – the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV was launched after Dynamics NAV 2018 that was released in December 2017.

According to the research done by Microsoft, about 80% of the customers are using outdated versions and they are not able to take benefits of the new solutions. Microsoft is planning to withdraw the support for pre-2009 initial versions.

Why people stay with older versions?

Four reasons that make customers stuck with older versions includes –

  • Too much time is required to upgrade the software
  • Lack of skills and proficiency to direct the upgrade
  • Shortage of resources required to upgrade the software efficiently
  • Incapability of taking risk for the problems arising at the time of upgrade

Such problems make customers stick to the older versions. Now, there might be questions striking your mind such as –

  • Why upgrade is required?
  • How can you overcome the upgrade barriers?

To find out the potential answers of your queries, read-on!

Since 2009, the Dynamics NAV continued to progress and introduce advanced features in all the versions. Undoubtedly, the latest features enhance the efficiency and competence of the customer services. The profitability increases with the new features launched in the latest release of Dynamics NAV 2018.

The new features of Dynamics NAV 2018 includes –

  • Better integration with other business applications
  • Enhances the customization
  • Involvement of artificial intelligence and automation
  • Easy dealing with Microsoft Flow
  • Personalized workspace
  • Easy sharing of data with CRM systems

To overcome the upgrade barriers, we have run down some of the solutions for you to figure out how the automated tools and experienced upgrade partners can help you.

Automation Tools Save Time

Upgrading the software with help of automation tool saves lot of time. For instance, updating reports and forms to latest versions of Dynamics NAV is a time-consuming process. Data migration takes nearly 36 hours, if done using standard methods. These are some reasons that make the customers not to go for upgrade. Using automation tool for upgrading the Dynamics NAV can save conversion time, up to 95% and thousands of potential hours.

Upgrade from Reliable Resources

Upgrading Dynamics NAV is a long process and many developers discover that lack of resources is the reason for it. In actual, prospective skills are required for fast-moving Dynamics NAV upgrade. Thus, it is imperative to hire right resources with potential skills and experience. However, it may prove expensive to hire right people for full time. Moreover, proper planning and management is required for the completion of the project without disrupting the business.

In solution to this, it is better to go for expert upgrade partners. They have the potential resources and skills required to manage the upgrade process. Furthermore, they ensure to deliver higher project and business value by strategizing the upgrade tasks.

Automation Tools Eliminate the Risk

To eliminate the risk of human error during upgrade process, use automation tool. The errors during the upgrade can cause troubles that decreases the accuracy of the tasks. However, it is quite difficult to ignore the errors due to numerous challenges in upgrading process. Upgrading Dynamics NAV using automation tool eliminates the risk and make the process go smooth by identifying the required changes, customizations and missing captions precisely.

In conclusion, with help of automated tools and professional upgrade partners, you can ensure that upgrading process is faster, efficient and risk free. To learn more about automated upgrade process, you can contact the Microsoft Dynamics experts at DynamicsSmartz. They will be more than glad to assist you with any question that you might have with Dynamics NAV. Book an appointment today!